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Tidewater Soil & Water Conservation District Agricultural Projects

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VA Cooperative Extension Agent, David Moore explains the benefits of using the Roller Crimper to kill back winter cover crops rather than using chemicals during a BMP farm tour.
C. Borden Carter Borden is the 2007 winner of the Clean Water Farm Award on the local level  for having a conservation plan and a nutrient management plan for several years.  He also has put in riparian buffers and filter strips around his fields that are near water. He plants winter cover crops and donates part of his land for test plots and research every year.  Carter is currently chairman of  the Tidewater SWCD Board of Directors and is first alternate for Farm Service Agency Directors.  He has served on the Farm Bureau Board, the Gloucester County Wetlands Board, the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Commission, the Virginia Corn Association, and the Virginia Soybean Association for many years. Carter and Martha Borden are show left and center, respectively along with Julie Pruitt, Tidewater SWCD.




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