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Hanover-Caroline Soil & Water Conservation District Agricultural Projects

Pamunkey Farm Project Conservation Efforts Yield Results

Pamunkey Farm

After many years of hard work, one of the most comprehensive state farm projects is drawing to a close.  The Pamunkey Farm Cooperative Venture Project, initiated by the state Department of Corrections in 2005 and overseen by Farm Manager Bob Williamson, has brought together local, state and federal natural resource agencies in an effort to restore water quality on an 1,800-acre active ranching operation.  The Hanover-Caroline Soil and Water Conservation District along with assistance from the VA Department of Forestry, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Department of Game and Inland Fisheries helped to design and implement a comprehensive grazing management system, wetlands and riparian restoration plan for the farm.  Grant funds secured from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation have restored over 7 miles of streams, 500 acres of riparian buffers and forestland, and 7.5 acres of non-tidal wetlands along the banks of the Pamunkey River in Historic Hanover County. 

Not only will the state farm be a showplace for water quality restoration efforts, but a demonstration site for rotational grazing and alternative water sources for livestock.  The project features spring developments that capture water from natural underground springs for use in watering cattle.  In fact, one spring development used in this project was re-discovered by Pamunkey Farm Manager Bob Williamson and is thought to be around 100 years old.

Upon its successful completion this year, the Pamunkey Farm Cooperative Venture Project will be a future site of farm tours and demonstration projects in the Central VA and greater Richmond Metropolitan Areas. For more information, contact Sharon Conner, District Manager/Conservation Specialist, Hanover-Caroline SWCD P.O. Box 446, Hanover, VA  23069, Phone: (804) 537-5225 ext.109


Before and After Photos

damage from cows

marsh healing itself










traditional waterer

alternative waterer








Spring on Pamunkey Farm

Digging for spring development

water flowing from new source









field before travel lane installation

cow travel lane dried stream crossing








damage from Gaston

restoration photo tree planting




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