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Clean the Bay Day



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Clean the Bay Day

The following is a report from "Clean the Bay Day" participant, RIch Krapf.

"Today worked out great! We had a good turnout and the weather was clear and sunny. Temps were in the high 80's so the volunteers really did a super job in the heat and humidity. Our registration location was indoors so folks were able to come in for an air conditioned break and some refreshments. We had granola bars, bottled water and pitchers of water for everyone. The City of Williamsburg donated large cups with covers and straws as take-aways, and some of the volunteers took them with them while they were working. I also want to note that Ben Smith brought chest high waders and spent a good part of his time wading through the waters of Queens Creek picking up debris. Here are our numbers:

- Number of volunteers: 27
- Number of a/d military: 0
- Number of miles cleaned: The roadway perimeter of our site is 1.25 miles but the volunteers walked a hundred feet or so into the site. They also cleaned up a lot of debris on at least 1/2 mile of roadway opposite our easement. I'd say we easily cleaned a total of 2.5 miles.
- Number of boats: 0 - but we did have Ben!
- Weight of debris: 1,565 pounds
- Unusual items found: Pink, flowery back pack with a container of beer inside. One 8 inch X 8 inch roadsign post with metal directional signs to I-64, Route 143, Route 60 and Route 132. We have no idea how this huge item ended up in the ravine.

Thanks to you and Shereen for all the help and support you provided for my first experience with this program. You both did a terrific job!"

Rich's daughter, Emily, also provided us with photos of the event. Click on the photo that you would like to see and above that photo is a small button that has a magnifying glass and says "All Sizes"; when you click on that it automatically takes you to the page where you can download them if you would like to. It lets you choose the file size you would like to download as well.

Thanks to Rich and Emily for the photos and the report!




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