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Goldmine Creek Watershed Cleanup Project

Goldmine Creek

The Goldmine Creek Clean-Up is a project to holistically address an impaired stream segment with a completed TMDL.  The relatively small size of the Goldmine Creek watershed (15,800 acres) makes it suitable for a focused effort that is likely to result in significant improvements to water quality, by addressing the pollutants identified by the 2005 TMDL and the York River Tributary Strategies: bacteria, nutrients, and sediment.  The project proposes to get a variety of BMPs implemented, with a primary effort on the repair and replacement of failing septic systems through a cost share program. Other components of the clean-up effort include coliscan testing for bacteria in streams, addressing problems of small acreage horse facilities, protecting forested riparian buffers and other open space, and implementing agricultural BMPs for livestock farms.

For more information on this project, contact:
Alyson Sappington, District Manager
Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District
2134 Berkmar Drive
Charlottesville, VA  22901
phone: 434-975-0224
fax: 434-975-1367




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