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York River & Small Coastal Basins Projects

YRSCB Roundtable Meeting at Pamunkey Indian Reservation Museum and Fish Hatchery

The YRSCB Roundtable, along with partners organizations, sign designer (Scott Howson) and map designers Esther Zabronsky and Kim Hodge of DCR, and the Town of West Point, completed the installation of our first community basin educational sign project on March 26, 2009.  The sign is located in the town of West Point and is attached to the boardwalk that is part of their greenway along the Mattaponi River.  It is intended to provide users of the greenway with information on how they can help water quality by being good stewards of the land in this river town.  If you have a chance, stop and take a look on your way through town...there is a pull off beside the bridge.  Take a short stroll along the path and spend some time at the Mattaponi overlook.

This year, the Roundtable will assist the new State Fairgrounds with an educational sign at their new location in Caroline County, along the North Anna River.  As we hope to make this a yearly effort, please feel free to send us suggestions for our community educational sign project.  Our criteria include: areas within view of the York, its tributaries and small coastal basins areas along established paths, like greenways, where users can see the areas we need to protect in the watershed send suggestions to and we can consider your community for a future project!

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- Meeting Notes

Signage on Pamunkey
YRSCB members gather at sign




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