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20 volunteers, 400 lbs trash

Annie Dershem and her Mom organized an ambitious handful of teens, as well as Webelo Boy Scout Pack 38 and parents from Yorktown, to concentrate cleanup efforts on a 1/2 mile stretch of the York River picking up over 400 lbs of trash. This included several hundred glass bottles and cans - 329 to be exact! Everyone was amazed at how much trash accumulated along the river and last year found even more trash in the same area.

The group received $100 to purchase latex gloves, hand sanitizer, extra trash bags, posterboard and paper for signs, as well as the participant's snacks. For the last several years, Annie's Mom had to foot the bill for these expenses. She says, "Mom thanks you for any money received!" Keeping her efforts green, Annie used a water cooler with a pump and small paper cups instead of plastic bottles, and utilized facebook and weekly emails to contact students in two schools.

There are plans to organize another cleanup day in the Felgates Creek area, but only AFTER flu season is over. Annie feels that the H1N1 flu kept many participants at home this round.

The York River and Small Coastal Basin Roundtable would like to applaud the efforts of these participants, especially Annie, for organizing this cleanup. She mentions that she is currently taking Virginia Master Naturalist classes and is looking for volunteer opportunities so if anyone is interested in a hard working, ambitious teen willing to lend a hand to the environment, let May Sligh, DCR, know!

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